Thursday, July 30, 2009

Champions for Life!

The most rewarding two weeks of my year just ended - again. It's interesting to me that, as a teacher, I spend my life with kids every day - teaching them, guiding them, listening to them and molding them into responsible, intelligent, thinking individuals; yet even with of all the time spent in my career, the two weeks I spend with the kids at CFL are more rewarding than most of the days in my classroom.

I am truly thankful for the work God is doing and will continue to do as the kids return to their 'homes'. When I talk about camp to friends and family, I can't quite get across the extraordinary things that go on at CFL. It's certainly something you have to experience in order to believe and understand.

God has truly blessed me with the opportunity to be part of such an amazing ministry with equally amazing people. You can't be on the grounds of Camp Cavell without smiling and feeling loved - even if there are abnormally large spiders, uncomfortable beds, yucky well-water showers and camp food. =/

Please continue to lift these foster children in prayer, as well as Champions For Life Camp. Until next year...

PS... check out the website and article in the Macomb Daily about the camp!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and 17 Again

Matthew McConaughey was charming, as always, in this romantic comedy, but played such a jerk! Good thing he's cute or I'm afraid I wouldn't like him anymore after this one. :)

Zac Efron played a much better role in '17 Again'. Funny and cute movie. I'd certainly love to be 17 Again and do high school over again knowing what I know now. :)

Winner this round: Zac and 17 Again

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bronze Beau

How many pictures do you think this guy has posed for?!

Friday, April 17, 2009


16 Reasons Why Chelsey is the Coolest:

1) she can dance some crazy moves!

2) spending time with her family is one of her favorite things to do

3) she's REALLY fun to act silly with

4) IMPRESSIONS of people (plus, her famous 'Emily Rose' impression (shhhh.....)

5) she's incredibly creative and an awesome painter!

6) how many girls do YOU know that can play Guitar Hero on EXPERT level??? What?!

7) she has an amazing sense of style :)

8) she is very generous with her time. She's always doing things for other people.

9) she loves Jesus, keeps focused and makes good choices!!!

10) she's brave!!!

11) did I mention that she has one of the best personalities EVER?! She always makes people feel comfortable around her and is so good at making people laugh. =D

12) chelsey has worked really hard and disciplined herself in becoming a great volleyball player!

13) Her name is 'Achmed', she's from Cuba!

14) she shares a not-so-secret love for eating (*like me*)

15) she can simulate a realistic *toot* with only a straw!

16) from the moment she was born until today, she has been beautiful and full of smiles. She is gorgeous and genuine. I am SO happy she is a part of MY FAMILY!!

I love you Chels!

Relaxation and Reading

One thing I love.... VACATION! My most favorite place to be is at or around Disney World and I was super blessed to be able to go this year again!

And, what makes a vacation to Disney World even better? That's easy....

spending my week with my bff and mom,

free lodging and days in the sun at the pool,

sneaking into Disney resorts ;),
riding the monorail and saying my favorite line:
"Por Favor mantanges se alejado las puertas",

free dinner at Disney's best restaurant,
(and being with Mandy for her first 'fish' experience)

a visit to Margaritaville to enjoy the much-missed feeling of a Buffett concert,

and a stack of books to read recommended by friends (and students)!
(My vacation reads: "Tuesdays With Morrie", "My Sister's Keeper", "Dear Me", and "The Breadwinner" - all great books!)

If I could only live on vacation... Okay, let's be honest, I'd settle for living in Disney World! =)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Pocket Change Adds Up"

My school made the front page of the Macomb Daily today for our "Million Penny Drive"!

Our students are raising 1,000,000 pennies to give to a local charity, The Giving Tree.

And, if you look closely, I made the picture too!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Week-long Movie...

I have been trying to watch the movie "The Princess Bride" for over a week now. Every time I start it, I either fall asleep or get distracted.

The thing is, is that this isn't unusual! LOL I am notorious for falling asleep during movies (even in the theater)! And, as I write this blog, I have started the movie, yet again, in hopes of making some progress.

I will give myself a goal of 25 minutes to stay awake and focused. I have a feeling this is going to take two weeks!

(And, yes... this IS what I am doing on a Friday night!!) =)